And yes, she also makes super sized purple asparagus, but you can call them Gus.

Kristen Blaker 

Kristen Blaker grew up in Reading, PA and spent much of her childhood drawing.  During this time, Kristen also ate a lot of carrots (she’s always been an avid vegetable eater).  After a failed attempt to go to college for an art degree (her dad told her “Honey, this isn’t summer camp),” Kristen pursued a degree in psychology at Skidmore College, (also quite useful in understanding everyday life).

But what is life if you don’t follow your heart?

 Next up, Kristen went to Colorado State to pursue a Master’s Degree in the Arts and began teaching art to junior high school students while making her own work. Things were just starting to ramp up, with her teaching career beginning and art-making growing…Then came love, marriage and the baby carriage.  Kristen became pregnant with her first-born and took a hiatus. Instead of making art, she made a person.

 Now that’s some creative power.

 Fast-forward six years and add on two more children, BAM! She’s back in action. 

 Kristen creates artwork that thoroughly reflects her personality: a silly, down to earth, veggie lover, that tries to find a way to laugh at whatever life throws at her.  Inspired by homegrown vegetables, flower gardens, interesting animals (people included), and vintage botanical drawings, KristenBstudio’s latest collection is entirely accessible and is sure to give you a giggle (sometimes it takes a minute).