All camps are centered around art, agriculture, and mindfulness using the beautiful grounds of The Harwood Hill.


Throughout the week we will paint, garden, harvest, cook, draw, sculpt, explore, breathe, stretch, imagine, and create.

Full day program is from 10-4. $225

Balance due due with registration form.



Tea and Tableware (ages 6+)

June 18-22

Create a beautiful clay tea setting: including a teapot, tea strainer, tea cup and saucer. Learn to make a personal tea blend using garden goodness, such as basil, lemon balm, lavender, chamomile, and dehydrated fruits. Enjoy garden goodies made right from the garden. Enjoy a magical tea party under the trees.


Clay Play (ages 6+)

July 16-July 20

Get your hands in the dirt and discover where your food really comes from. Learn some gardening tricks, how to harvest and prepare healthy, amazingly appetizing dishes from the garden. We will also make our own clay tableware to use as we enjoy our flavorful creations.

Create soothing, all-natural products that outshine the store bought stuff!

Create soothing, all-natural products that outshine the store bought stuff!

Garden Goddesses (ages 8+)

August 13-17

Learn to create all natural beauty products using the gifts from the garden. Make a soothing lip balm, clementine sugar scrub, all natural perfume, amazing hand lotion and more. Embrace your inner goddess!  Learn to create tasty treats from the garden that will promote a healthy glow. Create a clay mortar and pestle to grind herbs and tableware for healthy snacks. 

Beauty comes from the inside out!



All classes taught by artist, art teacher, and garden educator: Kristen Blaker M.Ed, with over fourteen years of experience teaching children, teenagers, and adults the potential of our creative power.  Kristen inspires growing, whether it be vegetables or creativity, self-awareness or a sense of humor, compassion or community.
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